A vet checks a black labrador who is laying in the MRI machine

MRI Appeal

As part of our special 75th anniversary we have launched one of our biggest ever appeals to replace one of our most essential pieces of equipment, the MRI scanner. We have set ourselves an ambitious goal to raise £400,000 – something we can only do with the help and generosity of valued supporters like you.

The AHT first opened its dedicated MRI Unit in the 1990s and has since pioneered its use in veterinary medicine, proving the key role MRI provides in diagnosing problems of the brain and nervous system in animals, helping these patients get the appropriate treatment much faster. MRI is especially important in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions, such as dogs and cats suffering from life threatening spinal conditions, brain tumours and epilepsy.

What is MRI?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a type of scan that provides very detailed images of the structures inside the body, such as the organs, nerves and tissues. MRI scanners use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce these detailed images which are vital in helping our dedicated team of experts diagnose the problem, develop a treatment plan and manage their patient’s recovery.

Why do we need a new MRI?
After 17 years and almost 19,000 scans we have decided to upgrade our current machine. The new MRI scanner we are hoping to buy will be able to take images faster, meaning patients spend less time under anaesthesia, therefore reducing potential complications and recovery periods. A new machine would allow to us to continue delivering world-class veterinary treatment to every animal in need coming through the AHT’s doors.

Making savings…
We are fortunate that we can retain the magnet that was used in our previous MRI scanner for use in the new one saving an incredible £400,000. We do however still need to raise £400,000 to buy the rest of the hardware, software and carry out building work too.

To make your valued donation to our special 75th Anniversary MRI Appeal, please call our donation line on 01638 555648 – we’d be delighted to speak to you – or donate via the link below.

Remember – your gift buys more than equipment. It buys time for animals and the people who love them. Please don’t hesitate – send your gift today. Thank you so much for your generous support.