Teddy bear in front of a statue of a dog, cat and horse

Meet Reggie

Dr Reginald Wooldridge, the great vet who founded the Animal Health Trust back in 1942, aimed for veterinary medicine to advance at the same rate as human medicine, to ensure our companion animals receive the best care and treatments possible.

To honour his legacy we would like to introduce you to Reggie, who will be going behind the scenes around all the areas of the AHT to discover how far the Trust has come in 75 years.

He’ll be giving you a special insight into the wonderful clinics treating very sick or injured animals; touring our labs where new treatments and vaccines are developed; and he’ll even be testing out some the pioneering medical techniques that Reginald would be very proud of!

Follow Reggie on his tour here…

6 October: Reggie is off on his first big adventure at the AHT. He’s having a look behind the scenes of our MRI unit in the Small Animal Clinic – find out how he gets on!

18 October: Go behind the scenes as a small animal vet with Reggie…

27 October: For National Cat Day, Reggie visited the Feline ward and listened to Vet Nurse Jazz, to find out what goes on behind the scenes…

8 November: This week Reggie pops on his lab coat as he is visiting our research labs. In particular, he gets a behind the scenes insight from our team who focus on the analysis of the equine flu virus.

17 November: Reggie visits the wonderful radiotherapy team who treat dogs, cats and horses with cancer in our purpose-built centre.

24 November: Reggie makes a splash in the hydrotherapy pool!