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Leave a legacy

If you have already chosen to leave a legacy to the AHT and remember us in your Will, thank you.

Gifts in Wills are crucial to so much of our work, including vital research into cancer, lameness and blindness. Over one third of our voluntary income comes from legacies and without it we would simply cease to be effective. So, for the sake of the animals that so enrich our lives, please remember the AHT and consider leaving us a gift in your Will.

Why are gifts in Wills so important to the AHT?
Disease and injury are the greatest threats to our much loved companion animals. No charity works more effectively to tackle them than the Animal Health Trust. As well as saving the lives of tens of thousands of individual animals, we have developed new vaccines, pioneered new diagnostic and surgical techniques, and devised new detection tests for inherited conditions. By making these breakthroughs and by passing on this knowledge to the veterinary profession, we have benefited cats, dogs and horses throughout the world.

With a number of major projects already underway, including vital research into cancer, lameness and blindness, gifts in Wills are crucial to the AHT’s growing programme.

How can I make a legacy pledge? 
The AHT has produced a free guide describing the simple steps required to make or change a Will. It explains how to select a solicitor and how to understand the implications of inheritance tax. It also outlines ways in which you can leave a bequest to your favourite charities. For your copy, call our Fundraising Department on 01638 555648, or e-mail legacies@aht.org.uk .

Why should we all make or change our Will?
We should all make a legally binding Will and we should all change our Will when circumstances change. Not only is making a Will good financial planning for our loved ones, it gives us the opportunity to make a difference to our favourite causes. Yet, only 40 per cent of people ever get around to making a Will, and only 15 per cent remember to specify a charity. So, if you wish to keep your inheritance secure and to leave a lasting legacy, be sure to make or update your Will.

AHT Free Will Service
The AHT has its own Will Service which enables you to make your Will in the comfort and privacy of your own home at a time to suit you. From time to time the AHT runs special Will-writing promotions for its supporters and clients. For further information about our Will Service, and your eligibility for latest offers, please contact Andrew Simmonds on 01638 555648 or email legacies@aht.org.uk

We would urge you to make a Will and to leave a lasting legacy of kindness to companion animals through a gift to the AHT. Thank you.